Episode 004 - $1500 Sandwich: The Origin Story

Just like the origin story of the sandwich in 1762, the origin story for “How to Make Everything” has several layers. Andy and Taylor sit down and discuss how Andy’s six month quest to grow everything he needed to make a sandwich from scratch launched his career as a YouTube Star, how a mistaken recipe for making pickles could have killed his best friend and the value of perseverance.

Thankfully, Andy sought help from an Expert to learn how to correctly pickle things. One of the biggest takeaways from this lesson was that pickling using vinegar allows you to seal the jars immediately and they pickle in an airtight container. Pickling using salt water requires fermentation to take place, which requires oxygen. A lack of oxygen in this situation can actually cause the botulinum toxin to form.

Wanna learn more about botulism? Brian did a video on it.

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