Episode 003 - Are Libraries Still Relevant?

The internet provides immediate access to nearly all recorded human knowledge, but where does that leave the roles of the public library and librarians? In this episode, we explore the history of the public library, how libraries are adapting to the information age, and interview an actual librarian about what it takes to keep libraries relevant.

Andy and Taylor sit down to discuss Andy’s process in researching his projects. Does Andy ever use the library? Does he rely on books at all, or is everything he needs to know available online?

Andy then gives a brief history of how the Public Library was formed.

Then the entire HTME Team gathered to tackle some Library Trivia

Finally, Daniel interviews Tricia Smith, the Director of the Germantown, WI public Library. He learns all about what it takes to be a Librarian in today’s Public Library System.

Daniel sat down to speak with Tricia Smith, the Director of the Germantown, WI Library.


Remember Daniel? Andy almost killed him

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