Episode 005 - Fast Fashion Vs Custom Clothing

It took Andy 10 months and cost about $4,000 to make a suit entirely from scratch. How does this compare to the evolution of the textile industry? Actually, pretty well. Not incredibly long ago, clothing was still very much made by hand and sourced from sheep. Clothes were often hand made and only the wealthiest could afford a tailored suit…but the invention of new technology, new sources of raw material, and the acceptance of mass produced clothing has made clothing less expensive than ever before.

Here’s the video of Andy attempting to make his suit from scratch.

Taylor talks to an Expert in the Textile Industry, Cait Courneya, who helped us understand the difference between fashion and trends, the difference between high end clothing and “fast fashion” and what this all means for the consumer. Want to learn more about Cait?

Chris then takes us on a tour to St. Paul local Tailor Heimie’s Haberdashery, to attempt to price out how much Andy’s suit would cost if ordered from a custom Tailor today. You won’t believe the final price tag!

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