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Limited Run of HTME Victory Tee

Be the first to have your own high quality hand screen printed HTME Victory Shirt! Printed on a high quality, tri-blend Tee personally by the guys at Franklin Design House! We are taking orders first and then shipping to everyone, so shipping time might take up to 2 weeks. We can only ship to the Continental United States at this time, SORRY!

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T-Shirt Made from Scratch

Own a piece of HTME history! We couldn’t sell the sandwich made from scratch, because, well, that would have been a health hazard (sorry Daniel). But this one of a kind T-shirt which took years to plan and months to make is also safe to wear! Made literally from the ground up (Andy grew the cotton himself). This product was hand weaved, hand sewn, hand dyed and hand stamped! This has probably a fair amount of Andy’s blood, sweat and tears on it to make you feel like you know the guy!

Be the ultimate hipster wearing this around town. Just don’t tell anyone how much you paid for it, because they’d probably beat you up and rip it off of you.

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