Episode 009 - Plastics: The Problems and Possibilities

Episode 009 - Plastics:  The Problems and Possibilities

The invention of plastic has forever changed humankind.  It has led to many amazing discoveries and saved lives. However, “disposable” plastics have now become a looming threat to the oceans and future human life.  In this episode, we attempt to deconstruct the plastics problem with some help from Adrian Grenier’s Organization Lonely Whale and the people who brought us Earth Day. We also speak with our friend and Scientist Guilhem about Bioplastic.

Episode 008 - Our Quirky Calendar

Episode 008 - Our Quirky Calendar

Today, when all of our digital devices manage our calendar for us, we kind of take for granted how complex of a tracking system the calendar is.  Some months have 31 days while others have 28 days...then there’s leap year! All of these rules with the calendar came from a lot of conflict and compromise throughout the ages.  We discuss how the calendar has evolved through the ages and if it will continue to withstand the test of time. With Special Guest YouTuber Joe Scott and Mathematics Professor, Mathemagician and TED Speaker Arthur Benjamin.